Day of demos for immigration detainees tomorrow

TOMORROW Tuesday, 7 August 2007: 3 mid-day demonstrations of support for all immigration detainees


In the wake of this weekend’s mass breakout at Campsfield, several of us have decided to hold demonstrations and briefings OUTSIDE OUR LOCAL IMMIGRANT PRISONS AT MID-DAY TOMORROW, TUESDAY. These coincide with the regular monthly picket of COMMUNICATIONS HOUSE – the secret Home Office prison and “disappearance point” that’s smack in the middle of London, on the Old Street roundabout (see below).

Today, it appears the breakout was by “foreign criminals” (now almost a tautology!) of whom 14 are still free. Their most serious offence, apparently, was burglary. No details yet of how many were guilty of the new “serious crimes” of coming to Britain on false papers (from countries where trying to get genuine ones can get you killed) or refusing to go “home” when told to do so.

It is all target-driven of course, so if we can’t find enough criminals to deport, we must create some new crimes! This government is surely world-leader in crime-creation: over 1,000 new ones since 1997, apparently.

Info and directions:


::LINDHOLME (near Doncaster) contact Nottingham No Borders group,
and see this map.

::COMMUNICATIONS HOUSE is at the junction of Old Street and City Road (close to Old Street tube station). More information here


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