Disturbance at Campsfield. Update, 6:30 am

Another detainee, “Kevin”, has called to say that Blue Wing is now devastated: water everywhere, lights and CCTV smashed, guards nowhere in sight, and blue lights either of emergency services or riot squads arriving outside the centre.

He heard the alleged assault that triggered the disturbance. He says that guards entered the wing earlier this morning and, unusually, locked all the cell doors before entering that of the man they removed – an african.

He could hear sounds of an assault; he heard the man screaming, including words to the effect “they are murdering me”. The man’s two room-mates witnessed the assault and say that about 25 officers were involved, in riot gear, and the man was savagely punched and kicked.

** It is important that these witnesses’ details and whereabouts be established. All too often, detainees who witnessed alleged assaults are removed to different detention centres, or removed from the country, before any investigation can take place.**

This follows a number of allegations of assaults by guards, received from detainees in the past 2 weeks, and currently being investigated by Bail for Immigration Detainees (BID) and Medical Justice.


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