New report: inequality (not immigration) damages UK communities

ANOTHER POWERFUL REPORT from Danny Dorling and colleagues at Sheffield University shows exactly how Britain is losing its social cohesion. Immigration doesn’t come into it.

But the BBC’s coverage of it says it does! Check it out:

Community life in Britain has weakened substantially over the past 30 years,
according to research commissioned by the BBC.


I sent this feedback to the BBC, via the web site:

Your piece on the new “Changing Britain” report (Dorling et al) by Mark Easton devotes its last section to the impact of migration on communities, under the heading “Immigration impact”. But immigration is not mentioned at all in the report. The word “migration” occurs 3 times, in connection with internal migration by UK citizens. But there is nothing in the report to the effect that “London has been substantially affected with large-scale immigration thought to have had a big impact on traditional neighbourhoods.”

Where did this assertion come from?

It seems to me that the BBC is misrepresenting this important report in a quite serious way, by representing it as part of the “immigration debate”.

I hope others will also complain.

Since Phil Woolas’s rise to power, the scapegoating of immigrants has become frighteningly blatant: it is after all the time-honoured way for unequal societies to respond to economic crises, which might otherwise encourage challenges to their legitimacy.

Best regards,

Bob Hughes


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