Dawn raids. How many in Oxfordshire? Who does them?

We hear occasionally of people dragged out of their homes in dawn raids in Oxford, snatched off the street or from their workplaces for being illegally foreign, but exactly how many, who does this dirty work, from which depots?

Yesterday’s Commons statement (forwarded by John O) gives a national figure of 585 in Jan-November this year – and that’s just people dragged out of bed.

Search on “Thames Valley Immigration Crime Team” in Google and we find a shocking catalogue of “criminals” caught red-handed in the act of getting married at Reading registry office, or working in MacDonalds. All described without a flicker of embarassment, as if some high and serious crime had been foiled.

This is Damian Green’s unabashed confession:

>Asylum: Deportation [ 585 Dawn Raids January to November 2010]
>Damian Green: For the period January to November 2010, the UK Border >Agency arrested a total of 585 failed asylum seekers on enforcement >visits from their residential accommodation between midnight and >7.59 am. Most of these arrests took place between 6 am and 7 am >following an individual case-by-case risk assessment which takes >into account the likelihood of failed asylum seekers being at the >premises at the time of arrest or the need to travel to the airport >in time for the flight.
>House >of Commons / 14 Dec 2010 : Column 662W

… and this, the daring “swoop” on Reading registry office:



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