Woollas “hoist by his own petard”

THE FINAL JUDGEMENT on Muslim-baiting, former anti-immigrant minister Phil Woolas is described in this very informative article for IRR news, by Jon Burnett:

Woolas: hoist by his own petard
By Jon Burnett


Helen Mountfield QC: ‘It is no part of the law to protect freedom of expression where that freedom is abused to make one section of the community angry about, and fearful of, another on the basis of falsehoods.’

Burnett comments:

A man, who, as immigration minister, stated that part of his job was >to ‘sift out those who want to break our rules’, has himself been ejected from politics for having not being able to stick to them.

In a final paragraph, Burnett describes the shocking levels of support Woolas has enjoyed since his expulsion from parliament from leading members of the New Labour establishment, including Gordon Brown and Cherie Blair.



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