Campsfield Demonstrators Sound a Warning on New Campsfield Contract Holder

FTSE 250 company Mitie has won the 5-year £27 million contract to run Campsfield detention centre near Oxford from this spring.

Mitie has absolutely no experience in running immigration detention centres, so far as is possible to tell from the website (which details many and varied activities) or any prison or other custodial establishment.

Campaign spokesperson Bill MacKeith said: “Mitie is like other outsourcing companies. They specialise in taking over a service and then squeezing it for profit; finding more ways to exploit staff or cut corners. In our case, a juicy ‘corner’ to be cut could be the migrants wrongfully imprisoned in Campsfield, who provide more or less forced or virtual slave labour for just £5 a day.”

Is Alex Sweeney, currently Bid Director at Mitie PLC the same Alex Sweeney who was until recently (and is still listed as such on the UK Borders Agency website) Centre Manager at Campsfield employed by the company GEO, which has just failed to secure the new contract to run Campsfield? If so, is this ethical trading (if such a thing is possible when it comes to locking up innocent people)?

Regular monthly demonstration this Saturday 26 February at Campsfield main gates, Kidlington, Oxon.
Contact: Gill Baden 01993 703994


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