Demonstrators’ call for Campsfield to be closed 10 years after Home Secretary announced centre’s closure

Campaigners calling for the closure of Campsfield Immigration Removal Centre near Kidlington will demonstrate outside the main gates off Langford Lane at 12 noon on Saturday 28 January.

Spokesperson Bill MacKeith said:
‘In 2002, the Home Secretary announced that he would close Campsfield because it was ‘not fit for the 21st century’. He reversed that announcement after the 14 February 2002 fire at Yarl’s Wood created an unplanned reduction in detention places.
‘But Campsfield has not changed, it is no more fit for this century now than it was then.
‘Of course we argue that all the other immigration centres are unfit for the 21st century too!’

A Campaign benefit will take place on the evening of Saturday 10 March, when leading singer/songwriters Robb Johnson and Tracy Curtis will perform at the Folly Bridge Inn. Among raffle prizes on the night will be copies of books by Mark Haddon signed by the author. Tickets: 01865 427799.

Contact: Bill MacKeith 558145


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