Petition launched for Darfuri hunger strikers

… sign it here:

… and write/email (and phone and fax) the person responsible:

Theresa May, Home Secretary, 2 Marsham St, LONDON, SW1 4DF
Home Office 020 7035 4848

We, the under-signed:

Concerned at the treatment of Sudanese hunger strikers currently detained in Campsfield and Harmondsworth Immigration Removal Centres;

Aware that the hunger strikers are demanding their release or removal to a country they regard as safe, and are determined to continue their hunger strike (11 days as of 3/6/2012) until these conditions are met;

Disturbed that in full knowledge of the atrocities committed  by the Government of Sudan in Darfur, Nuba Mountains, Abyei and other marginalised areas of Sudan and South Sudan, the UK Border Agency still feels it appropriate to detain people who have been subject to illegal imprisonment, torture, bombings, shootings, have had family members killed by militias and who have visible wounds and injuries relating to these experiences;

Call on the Home Office to release Mohamed Suliman Tarik, Malik Ivrahim Adam, Tarik Adam Rhama and all other Sudanese asylum seekers from immigration detention with immediate effect, and to liaise with each to provide appropriate medical treatment for pre-existing injuries arising from their experiences in Sudan.

Other emails to contact:


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