Darfuri hunger striker Tarik Adam Rhama was hospitalised briefly on 3rd July. After being stabilised, he was returned to Harmondsworth Immigration Removal Centre where he has continued to refuse food until and including today, the 44th day of the hunger strike. Tarik’s request for a lower bunk bed he was capable of climbing into was finally accepted following intervention from an MP. An investigation has been launched into why this request was initially refused. An application for bail has been lodged today by Tarik’s solicitor.

Ali Abdullah Ahmed, also on day 44 of his hunger strike, is still waiting for an age assessment, the delay to which could itself be grounds for releasing him. Medical Justice have visited both men and expressed concerns at the deterioration of their physical and mental health while in detention.

Participants in the 600-strong Sudanese protest marching from Lancaster Gate to Downing Street, and from thereon to the Sudanese Embassy, were leafleted and encouraged to call the Home Office demanding the release of the hunger strikers on Saturday 30th June 2012. A facebook group has also been launched at


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