Benin business man, detained for over 10 months, calls for justice and for treatment of injury sustained in detention

Mr Karim Liadi (age 27) arrived at Heathrow on 29 October 2011 for a 10-day business trip. Mr Liadi had a visa, a return ticket, a hotel reservation, enough funds for his stay and a letter of invitation from a UK company (Hopkinsons Fairdeals).  Yet despite having all the required documentation for his visit, Mr Liadi was detained at Heathrow and taken to Harmondsworth Immigration Removal Centre the following day. Mr Liadi himself says “I believe that I should have been sent back home on the next available flight to my country if I didn’t qualify.” Instead Mr Liadi was sent to Harmondsworth where he remains to this day.

After a few days in detention in early November, Mr Liadi had a bad fall and broke his ankle, he received treatment within the health care centre of Harmondsworth but is still in pain and reliant on crutches.  It was only at the beginning of the following month, after 40 days in detention, that Mr Liadi received notice that he had been refused Leave To Enter the UK. Mr Liadi believes this decision was made with no real justification as his business contact had spoken with the UKBA to confirm the validity of the visit. Since this point in December last year, Mr Liadi has been seeking justice and treatment for the injury he sustained while in detention.

Mr Liadi says “I came here in a good health and now they are trying to send me back in crutches, I think it is not normal. I am asking for my right. Am begging any authority to put my decision under human right Act. I am not a criminal; I have my family in my country my wife and children.”

Mr Liadi wishes to return to Benin but he wishes to return in the fit and well state that he left his home. Mr Liadi has a wife and three daughters with whom he wishes to be reunited, in Benin, after he has received treatment for the injury he sustained while in detention, so that he is able to work and support them as he could before he left home.


Karim at home in Benin, and with his youngest daughter.

Mr Liadi says:
1_) My detention is unlawful
2_) I want the true Justice
3_) There is no reason for my continued detention as I have been granted Injunction from the court.
4_) I would like for the public to know how detainees are being treated in detention and also how the UKBA alongside with the government treating overseas people in the United Kingdom. And let the public decide about this unlawful treatment that we are facing in detention centres.
5_) I want to be treated as soon as possible so that I can be with my family whom I missed the most.

Supporters say that this is a crazy situation, here is someone who does not want to be in this country, that the government have been paying GEO (the profit-making company that run Harmondsworth IRC) to detain for nearly a year now. Mr Liadi sustained an injury while in the custody of GEO and the UKBA and should therefore receive treatment as soon as possible allowing him to return home in the same health that he arrived in this country.

Contact details:  Phone number on request.


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