Still a Travesty: Justice in Immigration Bail Hearings

Launch of the second report of the Bail Observation Project
7.30 p.m. Tuesday 9th April 2013
Queen Elizabeth House, 3 Mansfield Road, Oxford, OX1 3TB

For over 25,000 people detained each year in the UK under immigration law powers, to apply for bail is a fundamental right which they need to be able to exercise. This report, based on the observation of 220 bail hearings, shows how that right is curtailed and how the fairness of procedure in the bail court is gravely compromised.

Chair:    Professor Bridget Anderson
Professor of Migration and Citizenship  

Why we are continuing the project Gill Baden
What’s in the report Bridget Walker
Experience of the bail process Toomaj Karimi-Ayoubloo
A research perspective Melanie Griffiths
Recommendations and way forward Bill MacKeith
Discussion from the floor. Chair: Closing remarks

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