Still a Travesty: Justice in Immigration Bail Hearings – What can you do?

Dear Reader

If you feel outraged by what you have read in this report,


On page 31, a comparison of Tables 3 and 4 suggests that there is a measurable ‘observer effect’.  A higher percentage of people were released on bail in cases that we observed than the annual average percentage provided by the HM Courts and Tribunals Service.

So, we would urge you to go and observe Bail Hearings at your nearest Centre:

You can find out the addresses and details of hearings at

and the Daily Court lists at:

These courts hear asylum cases as well as bail cases.  Bail cases are signified by a number consisting of two letters and five digits, e.g. TY 12345.

If you do notice anything that you would like to comment on at a Bail Hearing, please send it to us at:


Before you go, we recommend that you read

1)     Chapter 1 in the report, entitled ‘Bail hearings and the immigration courts’, especially section 1.6  ‘What should be apparent in a fairly conducted hearing’, and

2)     The Guidance to judges on conducting Bail Hearings, available at

With best wishes


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