PRESS RELEASE Campsfield detainees go on hunger strike as protests by immigration detainees spread


Once again, detainees at Campsfield are on hunger strike.

The hunger strike began this morning (7th May) with the simple demand
to close all immigration detention centres in the United Kingdom.
Detainees believe their detention is a breach of their human rights.

More than 50 detainees are partaking, which includes many
nationalities including several Arabic speaking countries as well as

Hunger striker Mr A said: ‘All of our friends want medias
support. Authorities do not want to listen to us. Thankyou.’

On Friday (2 May) over 150 detainees in Harmondsworth migrant prison
near Heathrow airport occupied the main courtyard in a sit down
protest and began a mass hunger strike. Their demands:

Yesterday (Tuesday 6 May) in Colnbrook detention centre, right next to
Harmondsworth, guards broke up an organising meeting of 40 detainees
and put five ‘ringleaders’ in isolation cells, before moving them to
another secure facility. Supporters have since been unable to contact
the men.

Then at 10pm last (Tuesday) night a group of 20 men detained at Brook
House IRC near Gatwick staged a protest in the courtyard and refused
to return to their cells.


16.04.98: Sir David Ramsbotham, chief inspector of prisons, publishes
his report on Campsfield, which states that ‘it is abundantly clear’
that ‘there is little or no consistency, or logic, in current
arrangements for deciding upon detention’ (§I-25).

17/4/98: ‘Campsfield is an abomination to human rights in that it
presumes guilt from the outset. Today those loyal protesters who have
been branded as cranks and soft-centred do-gooders have been proved
right.’ – From the Oxford Mail

Campaign to Close Campsfield: Bill 01865 558145, Liz 07791 738 577

There will be a demo tomorrow (Thursday 8 May) at Campsfield gates at 6pm.

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