1. View the plans.

2. Comment on them as soon as possible.
If you would like help writing your submission, come to a workshop at Exeter Hall, 7 – 9.30pm on 3 December.

3. Mark 22 January in your diary. The planning decision is likely to be made at a Cherwell Council meeting on this date. Nearer the time, members of the public can register to speak by calling 01295 221589.

4. Write to your MP/Councillor.
Sample letter to to send to your councillor
Sample letter to MP who has already spoken out against the expansion (Nicola Blackwood MP and Andrew Smith MP oppose the expansion)
Sample letter to other MPs  See also The Detention Forum‘s call for a moratorium on the expansion of detention briefing paper and sample letter.

5. Sign Nicola Blackwood’s petition

6. March from Exeter Hall to Campsfield. Meet at 10.30am outside Exeter Hall (OX5 1AB) on Saturday 29 November, for march to demo outside Campsfield at 12 noon.


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