Healthcare in Campsfield 2

MARCH 2015

Doctors make 41 Rule 35 reports about people detained in Campsfield but only one is released

A recent Home Office reply to a Freedom of Information Act request has revealed that:

  • Campsfield doctors* made 41 Rule 35 reports** in 12 months (October 2013 to September 2014).
  • In 39 of these no independent opinion was given beyond tickling a box.
  • As a result of the reports only one person was released from detention.
  • The Home Office answer stated that information was not available as regards then number of occasions when the doctor escalated the request when no action was taken (i.e. a person detained was not released following a Rule 35 report).

* Primary care at Campsfield is provided by private company The Practice.

** A doctor who examines a detained person must give the centre manager a Rule 35 report if he/she either 1) believes that a person’s health is likely to be injuriously affected by continued detention, or 2) has concerns that a detainee may have suicidal intentions, or 3) believes a detainee may have been the victim of torture.

The answer to a second FoI request reveals that:
‘there is no NHS England service specification [for commissioning health services] for Campsfield at this time. A revised specification will be part of the procurement process being initiated early summer 2015. A Single Waiver Agreement (SWA) is currently in place to extend the current contract in order to ensure continuity during the procurement process and through to re tender.’



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