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Report from visit to Dunkirk camp

Local Oxfordshire campaigner, Evelyne Godfrey, visited the migrant camp at Dunkirk and sent this letter to the Oxford Mail.

There are perhaps a thousand migrants in a camp in Dunkirk at Grande Synthe, at Exit 54a off the A16, about 10 minutes from the ferry port. They are accommodated in plywood ‘sheds’ with corrugated plastic roofs. The Dunkirk camp was originally set up by Médecins Sans Frontières‎. At the moment, Utopia 56 is the main voluntary group for the camp, but they are planning to move out to help at other migrant camps in Calais and Paris by the end of September 2016. Continue reading


Message of Solidarity From The Campaign To Close Campsfield to the ‘300’

Dear Friends,
Today begins the European Week of Solidarity with the 300 hunger striking migrants in Greece. Over the years, European governments and the EU have steadily increased levels of repression against undocumented migrants, refugees and asylum seekers. In the detention centres of the UK, detainees have frequently felt compelled to undertake hunger strikes to express their anger and frustration and to draw attention to the injustices they have had to endure.
Two of those who took part in the hunger strikes at Yarl’s Wood detention centre on February of last year are still being detained in prison, without charge!
From the Campaign To Close Campsfield we send our warm wishes and expressions of solidarity to the 300 hungers strikers and their families and add our voices to the call for your demands.

Equal Rights For ALL!!

From The Campaign To Close Campsfield
For more information on the hunger strike see
European Week Of Solidarity.

Riot at Greek Detention Centre

Last Tuesday a riot broke out, one of the most serious to date, at the detention centre at Fylakion in the Evros region, near the town of Orestiada and the FRONTEX headquarters at the Greco-Turkish border. According to the policemen guarding the centre, the sans papiers immigrants short-circuited the electricity network causing a blackout, blocked the sewer system causing the overflow of waste and caused minor damages to the centre’s building.

The Clandestina blog has further details.

Fighting deportation in a Paris backstreet, 1942-2010

I took these two photographs outside the Ecole Maternelle (nursery school) in the Rue Mercadet – a backstreet in the now very African district of Chateau Rouge, on the north-east side of Paris. Many of the families using this school are refugees, asylum seekers, or simply “sans papiers” (undocumented) – so living in constant fear of seizure and deportation under increasingly savage anti-foreigner laws. Continue reading

Immigration, the Welfare State, and Christopher Caldwell

Financial Times columnist Christopher Caldwell has a new “provocative” (code for “liberal-baiting”) book out called Reflections on the Revolution in Europe: Immigration, Islam and the West. It is a classic piece of wilful disinformation. Continue reading