Healthcare in Campsfield

Healthcare in Campsfield 3

Alarm bells about healthcare for detainees at Campsfield IRC – run in our name by MITIE, with outsourced health provision

Members of the Campaign are in discussion with the Care Quality Commission about their report on healthcare facilities at Campsfield last September; we questioned the ‘all clear’ they gave the health team, ‘The Practice PLC’ private primary health providers with a very healthy bank balance.

The CQC can be found at
Our letter, jointly written with the local Oxfordshire Keep Our NHS Public group is here.

Healthcare in Campsfield 2

MARCH 2015

Doctors make 41 Rule 35 reports about people detained in Campsfield but only one is released

A recent Home Office reply to a Freedom of Information Act request has revealed that:

  • Campsfield doctors* made 41 Rule 35 reports** in 12 months (October 2013 to September 2014).
  • In 39 of these no independent opinion was given beyond tickling a box.
  • As a result of the reports only one person was released from detention.
  • The Home Office answer stated that information was not available as regards then number of occasions when the doctor escalated the request when no action was taken (i.e. a person detained was not released following a Rule 35 report).

* Primary care at Campsfield is provided by private company The Practice.

** A doctor who examines a detained person must give the centre manager a Rule 35 report if he/she either 1) believes that a person’s health is likely to be injuriously affected by continued detention, or 2) has concerns that a detainee may have suicidal intentions, or 3) believes a detainee may have been the victim of torture.

The answer to a second FoI request reveals that:
‘there is no NHS England service specification [for commissioning health services] for Campsfield at this time. A revised specification will be part of the procurement process being initiated early summer 2015. A Single Waiver Agreement (SWA) is currently in place to extend the current contract in order to ensure continuity during the procurement process and through to re tender.’


Healthcare in Campsfield 1

Campsfield: some health care from health service provider ‘The Practice’, Mitie ‘Care and Custody’ and the ‘tough but fair’ Home Office regime, as reported by detainees. An example of Theresa May’s desired ‘hostile environment’ indeed.

  1. A detainee who is epileptic was allegedly assaulted by guards and put in solitary on 29 December.
  2. A doctor did not turn up for a prearranged appointment to see a detainee in the morning; the detainee was told he would be there in the afternoon of the same day, but the doctor didn’t turn up then either.
  3. Only 5 out of 20 people asked said they had indeed had a medical examination by a doctor, within 48 hours of arriving at Campsfield as required by the Home Office’s own regulations.
  4. We know of a number of recent cases where a detainee has clearly been in one of the categories of people who should not be detained unless there are exceptional circumstances, according to the Home Office’s own rules (Enforcement Instructions and Guidance 55.8a Rule 35 –Special illnesses and conditions*).
  5. The current chair of the Independent Monitoring Board (IMB) has stated at a multi-agency meeting that because NHS waiting lists are so long it is not worth referring a detainee to a hospital as he would be removed before their appointment came up. We  understand from Patricia Cadden Senior Commissioning Manager, NHS England
    (Dept. of Health, Healthcare in IRCs) that anyone needing hospital treatment should be referred regardless of their immigration position.


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