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Press release: International Women’s Day solidarity with Yarl’s Wood hunger strikers

International Women’s Day vigil

5pm Thursday 8 March 2018, Carfax, Oxford

in support of the demands of women on hunger strike in Yarl’s Wood migrant prison Bedfordshire

and the 24-hour solidarity Freedom Fast

On 21 February, more than 120 people detained in Yarl’s Wood engaged in a three-day hunger strike protesting the lack of a time limit for how long people can be detained and the inhumane conditions of the centre itself. On 26 February, they escalated to an all-out strike, releasing a statement saying “we will cease to participate in detention, we will not eat, use their facilities or work for them.” Continue reading


Vigil at Carfax, Oxford: suicide at Campsfield House


Oxford residents protested at Carfax in Oxford on Wednesday evening at the continued detention of refugees and other migrants at Campsfield detention centre. Their placards announced to passers by that another detainee had taken his own life [yesterday] at the centre 6 miles north of the city. A display also listed the more than a dozen immigration detainees in the UK who have taken their lives, drew attention to two unexplained deaths in the past month of detainees at Colnbrook centre near Heathrow airport, and reminded passers by of the deaths while being deported of Joy Gardiner and, last year, Jimmy Mubenga from Angola. The twenty demonstrators asked: ‘How many more deaths before we call an end to the detention of innocent people?’

This is a link to our report on the inquest into the suicide of Turkish teenager Ramzan Kumluca, in 2006. On that occasion, Campsfield’s management, its “Independent” Monitoring Board, and the Home Office, all professed utter disbelief that it could possibly have been suicide, or that if it had been, it was anything to do with them. The police evidence blew that pretence away in minutes.

We will soon see if Campsfield’s new managers also

exist in a well-maintained cocoon of ignorance, or deep denial, about the reality of which it forms the “business end”.

Vigil at Carfax, Oxford, 6pm today

Press Release – Campaign to Close Campsfield   3 August 2011
Suicide in Campsfield House Immigration Removal Centre
A man has been reported dead at Campsfield House.  He was found hanging in the toilets, according to a Guardian article today.  We will mark this event by a vigil in Carfax, Oxford with flowers and placards, today, Wednesday 3rd August, at 6pm.
This is yet another shocking event in the history of Campsfield House, where innocent people are locked without time limit , and in daily fear of removal to the nightmare conditions that drove them to leave their home country in the first place.
Just being locked up in these conditions is enough to seriously effect a person’s mental health.
A spokesperson for the campaign, Liz Peretz, said
“We are shocked and saddened by the news of this young man’s suicide. Our hearts go out to his friends and family and to all the other people locked in detention centres, without time limit, across the UK.  This man’s name will join the growing list of tragedies that have resulted from the current practice of detention of immigrants.
We hope it will make the government think about entirely scrapping their brutal and inhuman practice of detaining immigrants.
 This young man’s suicide must immediately raise serious questions about  health and safety inside Campsfield, especially the adequacy of health and welfare provision. Questions  need to be asked of both MITIE, the company who won the contract to run the centres earlier this year, and the UKBA, who drew up their contract.”   
Contact  Liz Peretz 01865 558145